People! Friendships! Relationships

It’s been a journey for me, for you, for everyone. One thing I know, there was a person, there were people, there was a relationship, friendship built that always propelled me to a new phase or even to the next point of the phase am in.
One thing I know, I can never complete my story without acknowledging the fact that I did not get here alone, I did not do it alone, I never will do it alone. Infact, I don’t want to ever do it alone. Not after I’ve enjoyed the beauty, the joy, the solace, the euphoria, the rush of energy of power, of Love I’ve felt through people, friendships and relationships.

One thing I know, there are alot of ugly things happening because of bad decisions of people who decide to be bad, but there are a whole lot of beautiful people with beautiful souls out there. Yes there are, so many of them actually.
Don’t go your path alone. Just ask the Lord for the right people at the right time in the right place for you at the strategic times you need them the most.

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