I have goals, I have plans, I have a to do list, I have a New Year resolution, I just re-organized my vision board and added and subtracted from it. I want to design this or that. I want to get that degree – I want to top up my certificate. I want to start this business.
I think the Lord laid it on my heart to start a non-profit, a movement or a network. I’m led to talk to this person, I’m led to give this or that. I will, I will, I will.
Oh, there’s this part:
I don’t have the money now, so I’d do it later in life. I don’t know the right people yet or I’m not connected to the right people.
And there’s this one I love so much:
I’m not ready, I want to learn this or that first. I want to get enough experience before I start.
Stop That! Hey, you, yes you, stop that!!! Now!!!
I was the queen of ‘I will’, ‘I want to’, ‘I’m not ready yet’, ‘I don’t know nothing about it’. I do the ‘I don’t have enough money to start’ part quite well and often.
Until I realized that I never get nothing done every month, every year and I end up getting so angry at myself for not doing anything worthwhile with my time, my month and my year. I can write, I write everything. Literally.
I write goals upon goals. Plans upon plans. To do’s upon to do’s but I end up not doing anything. Truth be told- there’s truly the need for money and there’s the need for experience also. Yes, I know that.

But still, money is in men. Who says you don’t know the right people? The right people you don’t know is simply the places you’ve not gone to. E.g. conferences, meetings-there are free ones you know? Lots of them. Build your social network – talk to people. What have you gained by being all grumpy and hard to talk to?
Be accessible and still maintain your standards.

Realizing this – well, let’s just say, I start. I’m a starter. And with people, you have no idea what you can do. The goals that need money, I start small, a step at a time. And so many of them I got via quid pro quo or completely pro bono. Yes!
I started by starting- going out more often, attending instructive, educational, inspiring programs and I go talk to people afterwards. They won’t come to your ‘I will’, and ‘I want to’, party. You have to go to them.
You need experience? Wow. How do I say this? Listen, there are so many internship opportunities or a job you can do for free, this way you learn. Aha! There’s the internet!
Mind you, do not take forever to acquire experience. The more you do, the more you experience. So, pray, plan, go out there and start by meeting, volunteering, asking, and doing.

Start Already!

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    Let me hear your thoughts, what do you want to start and haven’t gotten around to it?

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