To the Church Goer!

You don’t miss a service in church or maybe you do, sometimes. But, you strive really hard to go to church, especially on Sundays. Yeah! To you that’s being a Christian. Actually, that’s how to identify most Christians, Sunday services. So, you make sure, you attend but you know nothing about what it means to actually be a Christian (follower of Christ). The church you attend use chairs, lights and runs on diesel and petrol, but you don’t know that, do you?


You come to church, enjoy the sermon and call him/her ‘powerful preacher’ or the message, ‘powerful sermon’ but do not put one word ministered to you to work. So you leave the church the same way you came, only with extra knowledge, probably a selfie too so as to come back to church next Sunday to get ministered on again and the circle continues.


You are not grounded in the word of God, you are not led by the Spirit of God. Ever. Your prayer life is in shambles. You don’t have fellowship with Jesus. No personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. You forget He’s (The Holy Spirit) Jesus’ Promise to us when He was leaving this earth after His resurrection Study Acts 1:3-8.


He’s to be your comforter, your helper, your advocate, your intercessor, your standby. But, you’ve found comfort in that bottle of wine, in clubs, your friends, pornography and not the very one that stands you out as a Christian, as a Believer! When He’s actually truly the comfort you need and should have. The Holy Spirit is more real than that friend sitting close to you or that wine you are holding or about to go get.


Drink wine, with wisdom! But drink from the fountain of the Lord first and more! Talk to your friends, after you’ve talked to the Holy Spirit first and He would lead you to the friends you should talk to.


You are not involved with anything that happens in the church because you thought in your mind that Church is the building at that venue you walk into every Sunday, not knowing that you are the church.
Those people you see working in the church to make it possible for you to have a venue to walk into, a chair to sit on and the pastor that prepares the sermon to preach and you is the church.


Well, how would you know that? When you read different books and materials from work, the world, school, social media but do not spend no time at all to read the book that your Father has given you which is your manual for living. 1 Corinthians 12:27 tells us we are the body of Christ and how we are all an important aspect of the body of Christ. None is more important than the other. Imagine, what would be different, how easier and beautiful it would be if you are playing your part in the body of Christ, serving the Lord with your gifts and talents?


Go to church but be involved in church. Join a unit in Church. Serve in the Lord’s vineyard. Give your time, your heart, your energy and your gifts and intelligence for the work of the kingdom.


After service, take the church with you. Take the Gospel with you, everywhere you go. Minister to people-by telling them about Jesus. Minister to the Lord by giving him your time each day to talk with Him, worshiping Him, studying and meditating on His word.


Quit being a Church Goer. Be A Church!

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