From the first blog on this series where we talked about being committed to GOING to church and never being the church in ‘To the Church Goer’. To another blog on the life of not going to church but just calling yourself a Christian in ‘to the one who answers Christian’. Today, we are going to talk about really being a Christian, walking as Christ would want you to. Living as such. But, remember, there’s more. There’s always more. My greatest recommendation is to be led by the Spirit of God. This is because God will reveal to you all He wants you to do and how He wants you to do it. You’d learn, you’d be corrected, and you’d grow. And there’s no better way to walk with the Spirit of God if not from His word. God speaks through His word.

How to Walk As a Christian

Really serve, don’t just go to church: If you are not going to church, this means that you should start now. A church is where Christ is preached and glorified, where your Spiritual growth is of paramount importance-so, you have a leader you are accountable to. A church is where you’re corrected, taught and edified. Most importantly, the goal is to get all and sundry saved to join our Father in heaven at the end of it all.

So, really serve. The church is called the body of Christ. No part of the body is more important than another part of the body. So, you are needed. Without you of course, the work of God will go on. But isn’t it an honor? To give yourself in service with all you’ve got (and you do have something) in service to the one who made you? It is.

This means be involved. Service is giving. You can’t give service without being involved. After you find a local church or assembly where you can join. Serve. Do this by being a part of any of the church ministry, units or arms. You could be an usher, a greeter, in the media unit, in the choir et al. Choose any of the units where you can serve. Sometimes, the Spirit of God chooses where we should serve. If he’s leading you to a particular unit, obey.

I’m in the media/sound unit in my church. I really didn’t get an instruction to join that unit. I wasn’t even sure of hearing God then since everything was new to me. But I remember joining because I felt girls were not much there, so I thought I’d go to that unit where they think I can’t do the job and wow everyone. That was my reason, at the end of the day, I loved Jesus more, I grew and still growing.

A church isn’t a building or a cathedral or anything. If Christ is preached and glorified, your Spiritual growth is given heed to, and have a leader you are accountable to, where you’re corrected, taught and edified, then you just found a Church. I got born again in front of a building after a short discussion with an amazing Christian, I got filled with the Holy Ghost under a tree and that is where the Church that grew me had service. And boy, where we on fire for GOD? Of course.

Most churches have the prayer unit and the evangelism unit. Still good. There’s a lot involved in church, so there is a need for some others to be actively involved in prayers and in evangelism. Nonetheless, we are admonished to pray without ceasing, and also to preach the Gospel to every nation. This is not for a particular unit. A church can have those, but make no mistake, these two is for everybody. Do not usher and forget to win others for Jesus, do not lead in praise and forget to have a prayer life.

Everyone has something to give to God. We are made for His Glory. And He’s our Father. He didn’t make any one empty. You can serve with your time, your talents and gifts, your money, your presence, your intelligence and many more. You don’t serve with time and say you won’t give any other, neither should you serve with your money and think, that’s all I need to do.

If you have only one thing to serve God with, serve Him with it. But you are to serve with all you’ve got not with the one you think you can spare. Remember, you are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your strength and all your might.

Bottom Line: Everything.

Right now, my everything is my time, my presence, my input, my talents. I don’t think I serve God with my money, yet. But the Lord Just told me. Serving me with your money is not until you are on Forbes list. It is serving me when you give that little cash from the little cash you have—That’s a word for somebody.

I pray that the eyes of your understanding is enlightened and flooded with light that you may know the Hope of His calling.

To Be Cont’d

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