Who wouldn’t love a ravishing full day of self-love or care? From the movies to shopping, to a bubble bath with some chocolates and a nice bottle of wine. Of course, we can’t forget a chef with probably a British, wait, a French accent waiting on us to serve food that will sweep us off our feet. Different Foods we can’t pronounce their names. But who cares right? Delicacies you can only savour with your two eyes closed as a result of how majestic they taste. They transport you. Hey! Did I forget to mention that it goes with a foot/shoulder massage?


I love a good, sweet if possible easy life where I live in this reality. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Enjoy your self-love and self-care moment. That is if that is what you’d like to call it. Whichever way you prefer it. In some or all of the methods mentioned above. We deserve such life at one time or the other.


Life can be challenging. And so many of you go through a lot on a typical day. So, if you can afford this life? To rejuvenate and invigorate you, please by all means do. If you can afford only one-great, if you can’t afford any-I tell you this, there’s always a system for you to enjoy a life that is free or close to nothing. Keep searching. It could be a walk in the park. That’s something. An experience is breathtaking and delightful not because of the amount of money spent in them but the response towards it.

But, yes there’s a but. You don’t love yourself-at least not enough and not in the right and healthy way if the only way you love and care for yourself is what you do for your flesh. What about your heart, what about your mind? What about your Spirit. The bible did tell us in Proverbs 4:23 to “guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life.”


Diligence-baby, it’s going to take work. Issues of life-well, someone tell Solomon to better preach! And we both can relate. There are lots of problems in this life flowing from in there. So, are you taking care of your heart? That unforgiveness is eating you up more than you can imagine. If you have to confront someone (the party held hostage in your heart) to get it out and start the journey of forgiveness and healing, do. If you can’t and need help and have to talk to someone-a licensed therapist (I’d advise you see a Christian therapist), by all means, do.

Most importantly start the journey of taking care of your heart today. Get rid of that envy, jealousy, bitterness, anger issues that you have. Find your purpose. Listen, you are most jealous and envious if you are not working in your God-given purpose(I’d probably write a blog post on that-be at alert)

Have you loved and cared for your mind? When was the last time you picked up a book to feed your mind, to empower, uplift, educate and feed it? You read posts on social media? You have done well. But get a book!
What about your Spirit. You are a Spirit, you live in a body, and you have a soul. How come you focus on the body, the flesh that has an expiry date and forget the Spirit that is the real you. Does that sound like love to you? It’s just like a husband who is focusing on giving his car and house a perfect finish and neglected his wife and still claims to love her when the wife is the home which takes priority over the house. Do not misplace your priorities. Your Father in heaven longs for a relationship with you, talk to Him, start with His word, and get to know Him.


Loving yourself starts when you love the Lord your God…Your neighbours, then yourself-Matthew 22:37. You’d love yourself so right then.
So, are you in love with yourself or your flesh?


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Remember: Jesus and I are rooting for you!

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