Hey girlfriends, sisters, brothers, and buddies- we would become all these and more!

I welcome you officially to DEES BLOG – where we would have Godly clarity to life. My name is Doris and this is where the thoughts of my heart and mind, the word(s), instructions and Counsel that I’ve learnt and will learn from Jesus Christ would be expressed.

Dees blog is an arm of Sapphire Stars Initiative. Together, we would learn, unlearn, preach, teach, minister, inspire, explore, journey, motivate, challenge, correct, instruct and counsel. We would have fun!!!! Oh yes, we will. This is not just your ‘one of those blogs’, this is a calling. I’d cover- journeys as a Christian, Purpose, Businesses (entrepreneurship and financial independence), walk of life and relationships- from dating/marriage relationships to platonic relationships. I’d also share the stories of others here relating to the different sectors this blog will cover. This is strictly a Christian blog. At the end of the day, it is to give God glory, learn and get blessed.

 I’m so ready, Are you?

Let’s Begin!